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Shank 2 Full Version

Shank 2 PC Games

Shank 2 PC Games
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With quick combo-heavy combat, fun co-op Survival mode, and eye-catching visual style. Gory combat comes at a high cost in the uneven Shank 2.

   Shank is a game of fast and bloody. many found exciting scenes that are characteristic of the fighter. Exciting action-packed gameplay with a variety of achievement that can be collected. It'sthe best kind of Bloodbath.

The fighter of muscular and large-bodied character with a red headband, black pants, hand bandaged, and both the fruit knife. Shank is now again present still with genre Action, Beat 'em up, Side-scroller with title Shank 2. Game developed by Klei Entertainment is still a hallmark of his comic style illustration style, Shank 2 comes back with the change control system better and comfortable.

The concept of the story is Shank has returned to destroy the corrupt military dictator named General Magnus. There are not many things that can be reviewed in the story line, because Shank 2 itself is more focused on the gameplay. Go ahead, kill the enemies that face rapidly, opponents boss enemy at the end of the level. Battle system is fast and brutal with the typical style of the comic hero to the main dish in this game. With the control system is more convenient, more intelligent AI, improved weapon selection menu feature in the middle of the game, certainly adds excitement to play at every level. Shank 2 presents two game modes namely Campaign (Single Player) and Co-op (Multiplayer).
Screenshot Shank 2 PC Games
Screenshot Shank 2 PC Games
Screenshot Shank 2 PC Games
Screenshot Shank 2 PC Games
   In campaign mode, we will play 8 piece level with the environment, enemies and different bosses. Although the game is quite repetitive pattern that continues to advance and defeat the enemy, but different challenges and obstacles in each level will make you think differently. There will be many scenes of acrobatics performed by Shank in the face of the enemy and to get past the obstacle. Shank Every moment you spend and you combine it can produce a great combo that will surely affect the ultimate value that you can show off on the score board online. During the game would be a lot of rewards that can be opened depending on how agile you are playing a character fighting tactics to defeat the enemy.

In co-op multiplayer mode, there will be 3 pieces arena you can play such as Down On The Farm, Bombed Church, and I'm On A Boat
! In this mode you are required to keep 3 pieces of ammunition supply (which actually can not be used) from enemy attack dwarf who likes to put the time bomb. In addition to preventing a bomb attached to or even have to defuse the time bomb that is installed, you still have to defend against an enemy attack both large and small that come from all directions. Not to mention if you managed to survive through waves of attacks until you finally arrive at a wave of attacks by the enemy zombies! Yes, zombies will attack you attended the co-op mode! But do not be afraid to confront them because you will be armed with a variety of items that can be purchased to help fight for a game such as war boar, decoy, machine gun, flame thrower, turret, until reinforcements rocket.

Award of medals up for grabs in the second game mode. For some bonus, you will be able to play the bonus characters in both modes and co-op campaign. In campaign mode, the selection of different characters have no effect on the game as only the skin only. But for the co-op mode, the selection of the characters have different abilities and effects, such as the character of The Defender has a special ability to defuse bombs faster time and can get a discount for each item purchase weapons in co-op mode. Each character has its own advantages and disadvantages of each, live smart-smart you choose the character you are going to play in co-op mode will be.

Environment with different challenges at each level, enemy types with existing capabilities, as well as a boss enemy attack patterns differ greatly affect the level of long playing time. In campaign mode, Normal mode to finish it takes about 4 hours, while Hard mode is not too much different from Normal mode, which is about 4 hours 30 minutes. What distinguishes us is the level of damage that can be greater on Hard mode, while the enemy AI difficulty level, almost the same as Normal mode.

This game is an exciting action-packed with lots of acrobatic moves and sadistic scenes successfully presented in this game Shank 2. Many items, characters, and rewards that open secret makes this game fun enough to attained 100%. Silhkan to be played on your PC.


OS Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2 or Windows 7
CPU: Pentium 4 at 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 at 2.4 GHz
RAM: 1.5 GB
HDD: 1.5 GB free disk space
Graphics: 256 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible

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