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7.62 Higt Calibre Full Version

7.62 High Calibre

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  The Game 7.62 High Calibre is a tactical action game. A professional mercenary seeks for a Russian businessman, who stole a lot of money from his colleagues, then hid in a small country of Latin America to avoid inevitable punishment there. 

Soon the assignment turns into an intense and dangerous adventure, for there are many things that must be kept in mind, intricate political situation, confrontation between governmental military and rebels, not to mention a necessity to choose friends and foes wisely.

A retired Mercenary got an offer that can not be denied. Initial introduction into the world of High Caliber to gamers who are not going to let players know that the production values ​​are low and it will be rough around the edges. An opening cut-scene so horrible.

With the help of the chosen weapon, we lead the mission in Algeria. Format rather than the classic turn-based strategy, combat in 7.62 High Calibre uses real-time machine, point movement and auto-pause function constantly annoy. This may be experiencing a lot of failures in maintaining the excitement in real-time strategy game, and thanks very clearly the nature of the system fails to encourage the movement of points in-depth turn-based tactical elements of the strategy.
Screenshot 7.62 High Calibre PC
Screenshot 7.62 High Calibre 
Screenshot 7.62 High Calibre PC Game
Screenshot 7.62 High Calibre 

   In addition there is a large combat role-playing to be had because we have to makethe investigation of the target and interact with a number of utterly lifeless NPC to progress. Request information from local law enforcement and the criminals will give info on where to find our target in exposing a number of side-quests to earn extra money. Another parallel to RPG including leveling up and getting cash to buy additional weapons or as needed.

The camera view can be manipulated, enlarged and rotated when we explore the cities and when in combat. The option to switch to first person perspective in the pop-out is a nice touch that allows us to see the line-of-sight accurate. but many are limited by the number of views a bit more primitive animation looks.

A separate map screen allows you to travel between one city to another city. Thus allowing us to peruse the side-missions. Random encounters and plot-linked can occur when traveling between locations are represented by simple arrows across the country. The usual fare for a tactical shooter, and coupled with some of the afore-mentioned elements of role playing games may be the most attractive features.


Windows 2000/XP
nVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X800
2.6 GHz
3 GB free hard disk space
DirectX 9.0c
DirectX-compatible sound card

Free Download 7.62 High Calibre PC Game Full Version
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